We are Lauren and Thomas.

We are looking for great companies in SE Michigan to buy from retiring owners.

Our model is hold → operate → grow.

We do transactions that set a foundation for a new era of success and growth.

Owners benefit from a collaborative exit, employees and customers enjoy continuity and constructive new energy.

Target Company Criteria


$500k - $2.5m




S.E. Michigan

Real Estate:


If you know of a good candidate, drop us a line, we'd love to talk.

Our Background

Google, Netflix, Macy's, Rothy's, and a bunch of startups.

Our Expertise

Customer centricity
Systems & Processes
Personnel development

Our Story

Thomas and Lauren have deep roots in Detroit. Their parents and grandparents worked in the auto industry, and after careers starting elsewhere they decided to take on the challenge of owning and guiding established small companies in traditional industrial sectors around the Detroit area.

Together, Thomas and Lauren have nearly 40 years of experience helping companies build digital and physical products. They share a passion for good, human-centric management and have a proven track record of success.

Lauren & Thomas

Lauren Taflinger

Lauren is a proven business leader with extensive experience in shoe development and production. She grew up in the Detroit area where her father spent his career at Chrysler. Lauren graduated from Michigan State then has worked with companies large and small in managing global product teams with operations across the US, EU, and China. She has a passion for building process, teams, and efficiencies for companies looking to scale.

Lauren is married to a pretty good guy from California with whom she has a little boy who likes blueberries and Bluey.

Thomas Purnell-Fisher

Thomas is a dad, husband, inventor, founder, and builder who has helped large and small companies through moments of evolution and innovation. Thomas enjoys hands-on product development, building prototypes, and assembling teams.

He grew up in California and spent summers in Detroit, where his mother is from. Thomas is now married to a nice lady from Detroit, so his connection to the area extends to another generation.

If you are thinking about the future of your company, drop us a line, we'd love to talk.

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